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Smiling Catz Digital Marketing LLC works with small business owners to build or expand your digital marketing footprint. Together, we will develop a marketing strategy that pairs with your business model, encouraging innovation and creativity. I will show you how you can utilize integrated marketing channels to grow your customer base and exceed your revenue forecasts.  Click here to see Services offered.


Jenni Fox, Owner

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I am passionate and results-oriented with an extensive background in email and digital marketing, including database management. After having worked in the industry for over 16 years, I was laid off in April 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis. I decided that it was time to start my own digital marketing company, and bring my knowledge and experience to small business owners who are frequently too busy to handle the marketing they need to do to promote their business.


A funny side note: I selected the name of my business based on one of my personal passions. I am an admitted “cat-lady”, and the business name and logo reflects my current boy, Rocky, and his best friend, Tiger, who passed away a few years ago at 19. 


Prior to my digital marketing career, I was a small business owner with my now ex-husband, so I know first-hand how busy you can get, and how certain tasks just keep getting pushed further down the list. In today’s society, digital marketing and social media can literally make or break your business, but it takes a lot of time, research, and knowledge. That’s where I come in. I want to help you market your products and services efficiently and (mostly) effortlessly, so that you can focus on the important stuff –daily routine operations and sales!


Throughout the past 16 years, I have had many success stories that I am proud of. Among them: 

  • I have revamped the CRM systems for 3 different companies to make them more digital marketing focused, and allow for analytics to be used in determining digital campaigns.  

  • I built the email marketing programs for 2 companies from scratch, and turned both of them into successful monetary programs, ultimately sending millions of emails/month for both. 

  • I was chosen to speak about email marketing at several industry summits and conferences, and have been quoted in DM News, The Media Minute and Reuters/PR Newswire. 


I have a BBA in Business Marketing from Memphis State University, and an AS in Graphic Design from Florida State College.  

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