Design is another very significant element to consider when creating your digital marketing channels. People only maintain 10 percent of the information they hear, but maintain 65 percent of visual information, so producing a design that is visually pleasing is of utmost importance. The balance of text and images is key when designing, as too much text can be interpreted by your audience as boring and “TL;DR” (“Too Long; Didn’t Read”), whereas too many images can clash with each other as well as drag your loading speed way down. It’s also a good idea to use blank or “white” space to keep elements from running together and your site or templates from looking too busy.

Having a background in Graphic Design, I am experienced in creating attention-getting and visually pleasing designs for all of your digital channels — from your website to your email templates — using all current best practices.  An initial consultation will be necessary for me to assess your specific needs and quote an exact price.

Page layout to represent design

Below are average prices for designing digital channels à la carte. Package pricing is also available and can be determined after consultation.

  • Website: $500-$2500*

  • Social Media: $100-$300/site*

  • Blog: $150-$300*

  • Shopping sites (Square, Shopify, etc.): $275-$700*

  • Email Marketing: starting at $325*

  • Ads: $150-$500*

*Exact pricing will be quoted after initial consultation to determine specific needs and/or marketing plan.

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