Storytelling conveys your brand’s personality and defines your company, and your products and services, to your customers. In a nutshell, it “tells your story.” Whether expressing your own or your company’s narratives, or featuring your customers’ experiences, this is a fantastic way to create content, boost SEO, engage and acquire customers, and encourage people to learn more about your company, products and services.

There are many ways to use storytelling in your digital marketing, and I can assist you in determining the most efficient approach for your business. An initial consultation will be necessary for me to assess your specific needs and quote an exact price.

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Below are average prices for creating content à la carte. Package pricing is also available and can be determined after consultation.

  • Website content: $35-$75/hour*

  • Blogging: $75-$200/post including 1 image*

  • Social Media posts: $50-$100/post*

  • Email Marketing content: $35-$75/hour*

  • Videos: starting at $400 for 1-2 minutes*

*Exact pricing will be quoted after initial consultation to determine specific needs and/or marketing plan.

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